Friday, May 9, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Maitre'D Scorned

We wrote about John Perzel and his maverick way a couple of days ago in republican Perzel is a backstabber and now we have received more news on the Party of Perzel as Tony Phyrillas calls it.

More than a number of people have written to tell us their story of an out of touch and out of control Perzel attempting to retaliate against real and perceived political insults.

It is no secret that Perzel hates Speaker Dennis O'Brien and has for years as Perzel got seniority because O'Brien made a run for congress, O'Brien had the touch and the personality to easily gain friends and allies in and out of the PA House of Reps. Perzel has friends that act like beaten and scared dogs or friends that share his delicate interaction style with other pols in Harrisburg. The latter are known as the Old Bulls and the former are known as the rest of the House.

Not O'Brien, he fits in neither category. O'Brien gained friends in the House because he gets things done, is a genuinely nice guy and he can be trusted to keep his word and not stab people in the back. Agree with O'Brien or not, he is his own man. Personally we here at PROPenn would like O'Brien to quit being friends with big budgets, but anyone that stands up to the Old Bulls is a friend of ours.

He is not a friend of Perzel and the fact that the Maitre 'D lost the Speaker position galled him enough, but to lose it to O'Brien has spittle flying from the foam around Perzel's mouth. He's reportedly so mad he would take his personal Dante and Luigi bar towel and go back to work if it wasn't more important to get even. And Perzel is trying to get even.

Now we're told that O'Brien's looking into Perzel personal patronage dump and cash cow, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, has little "r" Perzel in a school girl hissy-fit that had him directing money to every corner of O'Brien's district in the primary a few weeks back to support Perzel's bought and paid for write-in candidate in hopes of defeating O'Brien or at the very least to embarrass him so Perzel and the boys could have a chuckle.

He's used money that has no source, union funds, gaming money and funds from "special accounts" that he has been building for years. Rumor had Perzel's favorite pet, union Glaziers' boss, Joe Ashdale supplying boots-on-the-ground and walking around money aplenty leading up to the primary. Joe also supposedly had Perzel's other union buddies chipping in as well.

Didn't work.

According to a person near the campaigns, Perzel's backstabbing write-in became known to the O'Brien campaign so they decided to have some fun of their own and started a write-in campaign for O'Brien to also become the Democrat nominee.

The once most powerful Maitre 'D in PA got stomped. O'Brien won both nominations, Democrat & Republican, stomping Perzel's primary puppet by 5 - 1.

Sometimes an old bull becomes so pathetic people just turn their head and look away.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pennsylvania's Big Ed Keeps Bringing Us Joy

36th out of 50, not including DC.

Ever wonder why the Twinkies, gasoline and insurance costs so damned much? Lawyers.

Q: What do you call a fifty foot deep hole half filled with lawyers?
A: A good start

I was reading (yes, I can) Tony the Greek and was a little ticked off by some stats he dug up concerning lawyers, limos and litigation.

Another failing grade for Ed Rendell's Pennsylvania

My momma always wanted me to be a lawyer, but I knew I was right not to during the last divorce. Whew, talk about cold fish, but he was driving a nice car and lived in a nice house. I helped pay for it. I shoulda known I was cooked when my lawyer pulled up in a Volkswagon Van-o-Wagon with a Brown's sticker right next to the little rainbowthingee on the back window, but she was nice. Just not a good lawyer. She had no fangs.

Everybody has a story about the lawyer that got all that money for someone over something like part of a bug in a fast food burger. Well, that somebody got a lot of money, but the lawyer probably got more, especially with all those copying fees....

So, Big Ed has been able to assist PA in its downward spiral towards James Carville's dream of PA being a state of trailer trash with gangland theme parks for bookends all supported by the ABA and welfare.

I love my state. Why are Rendell and his cronies trying to make it Jersey Lite?

Monday, May 5, 2008

republican Perzel is a backstabber

There's more to this story.

Democrats, Republicans and Perzel
A hot topic of conversation at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference over the weekend was the role of John Perzel in various Legislative races across the state.

I spoke to several Republican candidates who lost primary races on April 22. Each said the same thing. They could have won if John Perzel hadn't showered their opponent with money. That's what these candidates firmly believe.

Makes you wonder how different the Pennsylvania political scene would be if Republicans didn't have someone like Perzel playing games behind the scenes.

You expect Ed Rendell to campaign for Democratic candidates and hand out large amounts of campaign cash to get more Democrats elected. Republicans have one of their own working to defeat GOP candidates.

After my conversation with Perzel last week, I got the impression that Perzel didn't care if the Republican Party regains the majority in the House in 2009 ... as long as Perzel finds a way to return to the Speaker post. That's all Perzel cares about.

That means Perzel is very willing to work with any and all Democrats to form a coalition that will elevate Perzel to the Speaker's post.

At a time when reform is trying to stay alive in Harrisburg, the old bulls are trying to kill it and keep things the way they like it. Corrupt.

Perzel and the old bulls support Rendell and themselves more than the citizens of PA. Why hasn't Perzel been thrown out of the party?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Past Speaker's past speaks volumes

PA Young Republicans Chairman Matt Best:

Perzel is the reason why I left the Republican Party after the general election in 2006. Should he get elected Speaker, every Republican who votes for him should know that when I have an opportunity, I will work to get them fired, thrown out of office, do anything to make their worthless lives miserable, highlight their spinelessness, embarrass them, etc. I may be only one person, but if others will take the same attitude and no longer accept pathetic leadership, arrogance, and thuggery, then we will prevail.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

10,000 more cops

PottMerc likes the idea. Cops walking a beat is always a good thing, but

“The No. 1 concern among us as legislators should be the safety of the public,” said Perzel.

Bull. Perzel's No. 1 concern is getting another union behind him.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sex Ed like new math - anything is ok

We never had teachers like this.

33 new charges filed against stripper/ex-teacher's aide
Prosecutors have filed new charges against a former teacher's aide who allegedly let teens party in a hotel room she had rented in Westmoreland County.

Thirty-four-year-old Abbiejane Swogger is now charged with having sex with at least two teenage boys and with stripping for teen and adult men in a private home before the hotel party in February.

Swogger's attorney, Duke George, says the new charges are even more ridiculous than that hold ones.

Swogger was charged with felony crack cocaine possession and corruption of minors after police said they found cocaine, beer and teenagers in the hotel room rented on Feb. 22.

She faces a preliminary hearing on all the charges May 1.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bitter vote